Sung Pak
45 Grove Street - Studio I
New Canaan, CT 06840
main: 203.594.9909
direct: 914.844.7818

The body wants to be pain-free.  In fact, it has an amazing way of healing itself.  It’s never too late to bring out your inner athlete. - Sung Pak

Bodymechanics tunes the body and mind through corrective exercise and movement.  Principal Sung Pak teaches private clients and group classes to balance their body and mind through a fun approach to fitness including massage therapy, strength and conditioning and BioCored.  His original techniques utilize gravity, balance and flexibility to adjust the body’s mobility, resulting in pain-free movement and enhanced performance. 

My philosophy is that your body requires routine maintenance to extend its longevity and improve its performance. Bodymechanics tunes your body and mind with a combination of massage therapy, strength and conditioning and BioCored (a suspension-based corrective exercise and rehabilitation tool that uses gravity and bodyweight to create resistance).  An innovative modality for use by athletes and individuals with repetitive injuries alike, BioCored supports the development of balance and coordination; muscular strength and flexibility and visual strengthening and conditioning.